Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Cash and General Ledger Reconciliations
Client Billing
Financial Reporting (Customized and Standard)
      Balance Sheet
      Trial Balance
      Income Statement
      Cash Flow Statement
      Monthly/Quarterly Budget Comparison

Flexible Rates—Rates that suit your budget

Customized Packages—Packages tailored to your company’s needs

On and Off-Site Services—We offer on-site and pick up services


STEP 1 The Assessment

Entails a comprehensive discussion of your current accounting processes, nature of your business, and reports generated. Together we will evaluate your systems and custom design a package to meet your needs.

We will define your responsibilities and those of Jireh Consulting, and the processes each needs to follow.
STEP 2 Account Set Up

The account set-up typically includes one visit to your offices by a Jireh Consulting accounts coordinator and several hours of off-site processing.

The on-site visit consists of:

  1. Execution of agreements officially outsourcing the bookkeeping function.
  2. Jointly reviewing your Chart of Accounts and determining which financial reports should be generated, including custom reports.

**Providing an accurate trial balance and Chart of Accounts will facilitate the smooth transition to our system.

STEP 3 data processing

Once the account setup has been completed then your monthly bookkeeping can commence. We will establish a schedule for pickup of your source documents and delivery of completed bookkeeping and reports.

Your data is then processed, which includes the cash and general ledger posting and reconciliation. This is where we translate your records to present your financial story.

STEP 4 The Financial Review

Once your transactions are posted, we prepare reports for your review. During this phase we conduct a detailed overview of each report to ensure clarity and understanding.